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Role of Team Manager

1. To be in charge of all the administrative and logistical responsibilities for the team, including:

  1. setting the game schedule;
  2. facilitating ordering of uniforms;
  3. managing attendance at practices and games;
  4. designating a volunteer to keep the book and run the clock at home games;
  5. reporting game scores to TCBL;

2. To make sure the professional coach understands and properly follows the philosophy, policies, and procedures of Scarsdale Youth Basketball.  The manager will make sure the coach understands and follows key things such as minimum playing time requirements, SYB attendance and conduct policies, and TCBL rules and regulations.  Also, the manager will make sure the head coach approaches his/her responsibilities in a positive and professional manner consistent with the expectations of the parents and the SYB Board. 

3. To be the liaison between the team/coach and the SYB Board.

The team manager and the coach should work together to ensure commitment to the team and respect of the players to each other and to the coach, how parents should communicate any issues, and the positive development of youth.

It is important to note that the manager is not the co-coach and must allow the coach to lead the team at both practices and during the game.  The manager may assist the coach as deemed appropriate by the coach, especially if there is an issue the coach cannot handle while he/she is coaching such as an injured player, but the team manager should not be taking on any of the roles normally handled by the coach. If the coach has an emergency or an unanticipated absence from a practice or game, the team manager may then fill in for the coach or find another parent volunteer to do so.

SYB Board of Directors